We’ve got more episodes in the works!

Just a quick update on what we have planned. We’re now expecting to go at least 15 episodes this season, so we’ll be weekly on Fridays at noon through August! It’s been a blast and we’re still testing out things, so the extra time allows us to keep tinkering.

Among some of the things we’ll be discussing in future episodes:

  • The difference between weather and climate
  • What La Niña means for our weather
  • Our Prime Day special
  • And possibly a guest or two!

We’ll have our next episode live on Friday.

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Working on some issues

If you’re trying to subscribe elsewhere than Apple Podcasts, we’re aware of some issues with Spotify and Pandora. It’s from our switch in podcasting software. Hopefully will have this fixed. You can always use the RSS feed to subscribe manually!

UPDATE: Looks like it’s fixed!