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Well, things changed big time, we’ll be releasing a new episode quite soon.

Weather Whys Podcast Episode 2: California is Drought Free. But For How Long?

Lake Mead during peak of California's most recent drought

As the West Coast reels from a historic megadrought, California faces a pivotal question: Is the dry spell finally over? In this riveting episode of the Weather Whys Podcast, join host Ed Oswald as we delve into the recent meteorological phenomena that have soaked the Golden State. Unpack the science behind atmospheric rivers, the lifeblood … Read more

Weather Whys Podcast Episode 0: Hello World!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Weather Whys, where curiosity meets meteorology! Join host Ed Oswald from the Weather Station Experts as he introduces a podcast dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of weather and climate. Discover what makes Weather Whys a unique addition to your audio library, with its commitment to education, factual science, and … Read more